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First thing:
My mother and i make all the bonnets  by hand, in our homes in Maryland, USA.


Want to know more ?
Meet Patti.

My beautiful mare  Patti, the inspiration for custom, fun bonnets
My beautiful mare Patti, the inspiration for custom, fun bonnets

She’s my adorable draft cross with some pretty large ears. I could never find a fly bonnet that would actually  fit those large ears, and not cost an outrageous amount for a custom order.

My mother taught me how to crochet when i was younger, although not very successfully. When i was layed up after surgery this past winter,  I thought crocheting would be a good way to pass the time. After watching lots of YouTube tutorials, i got the hang of it again, and started making scarfs and various hats.

Spring arrived and so did the flies. I started thinking about Patti and her fly bonnet fitting issues, and thought i would attempt to make her one that actually fit. After a lot of measuring, various fitting sessions, and some trial & error,  i finally figured out a pattern. When it came time to pick out the fabric for the ears, i realized i had a huge array of choices !

And so it began. I started making bonnets in all kinds of colors and fabrics. I stood out in the field and measured the ears and heads of 23 or so horses that are boarded with Patti, and then went to a friend’s farm and measured the horses there. From all of those measurements, I was able to develop a generalized sizing system of small, medium, and large.

One day i saw a small child’s hat in the shape of a fox, and i thought i could make that into a horse bonnet ! Back to lots of trial and error, then i finally had a decent fox bonnet. The fox became hugely popular and i sold an unbelievably amount the first summer. I could barely keep up with orders, and work full time at my other job. So i recruited my mother to help ! Together we have made an unbelievable amount of bonnets !


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